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Grandma,when r u coming

back? i wan to hugg u....


His name is JOHN. He's a die-hard fan of SOCCER. He's in love with the bass guitar. Riding, slacking, sleeping and gaming are his best friends. Sweet is not in his favourable taste buds! And he does not crave for anything. He's 15 this year. He made his first cry on 6 September 1995 A smile will be on my face with a gift. :) He studies in a STUPID school called Yishun Sec. Hates studying -it's like dying...-especially Chemistry and Physics. That's not what he's good at.. He has a lot of potential! It's just that he has not found it. BUT don't worry, he will dig ALL OF THEM out! Let's wait~

♥ Holidays everyday! ♥ Unlimited money ♥ BAD LUCK GO AWAY!!! ♥ There is a time travel machine so that i can travel back to hug my grandma...



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Monday, September 6, 2010, @ 2:03 AM

HALOs, QF here posting at home. TODAY is such a SPECIAL day!

let's sing birthday song~

Happy Birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to John,
Happy birthday to you!


Okay, I only know how to sing this 2 languages..

Anyway, happy birthday~ Next year will be even better! Have fun at lan gaming. C:

♥baby don't you hit my heart
@ 2:03 AM

Saturday, September 4, 2010, @ 1:05 AM

It's been a long time since i have posted ya? OH GOD, hope monday will be damn fun~ :D

♥baby don't you hit my heart
@ 1:05 AM

Saturday, August 21, 2010, @ 2:23 AM

HELLO FRIENDS, meet Qifang here again! Bi was working until very late today. Tomorrow he still working also. Yesterday was our first month anniversary!!! and today was my dad's birthday~
Just wanna say something to Bi,
We've known each other for about 4 years le and together for 1 month le. You're very funny, always make me very happy everyday~ I feel so fortunate to have known you, you're my best boyfriend. Okay, you're my first one. You're SUPER handsome even though you colour back your hair, still very handsome~ I won't let you go no matter what. Really love you very much!!! *MUACKS*

That's all for the day, Bye, friends~


♥baby don't you hit my heart
@ 2:23 AM

Wednesday, August 18, 2010, @ 1:02 AM

HI friends~
Today saw Bi hiding from teacher about his hair again. Hahas~ Damn funny sia.. Actually thought nothing will happen today de, but i suddenly hear his form teacher say "Where's John?" Then she turn and go find bi, then he kena le. So sian, his head colour very nice ma..
I going to get ready for music theory lesson lo, BYE friends~ :)

Remember to tag okays? BYE!

♥baby don't you hit my heart
@ 1:02 AM

Monday, August 16, 2010, @ 10:25 PM

Tomorrow going to school le, i think will be quite tired de sia. Also afraid can't catch up with teacher's pace, he super fast de lo. Yesterday, after school bi didn't go marina barrage because canceled. The buses were used for the YOG le. Sian... Marina barrage confirm very fun de lo.. But we met at the bus stop after school and went to his house to slack. Err... got about 2 hours ba.. After that, i went home then bi go meet his friends. Then at night he go work until quite late at night, by the time he he reached home i should be asleep le... HEHE..
Bi should be in class now, waiting for the bell to ring then go home and get ready for guitar lesson. Oh ya! Yesterday, we talked about his guitar, he say is transparent de sia! Confirm very cool de! TRANSPARENT DE LEH!!!! Never see before right? Very expensive sia, about $700++. Bi, you very rich hor? And somemore very 厉害, most of the things in the house is bi and his uncle make de. 不亏是DnT student! Seems like normal academic is more fun than express, express so stress, so many homework.. OH YA! I saw his photos, when he was a kid, when in primary school and now. Changing every now and then, but still very cute and handsome!!! HAHAs~ XD
I like got a lot to say hor? But still got, bi and his brother de room quite neat for a guy leh~ Bi, you fail chemistry test nevermind, my sister also fail fail fail de. Hahas~ JIAYOUS! Grow up and make your dream come true being someone you wanna be! Be it lawyer or businessman, 要加油哦!我支持你 no matter what you do!
Hey, people! I'm helping out bi to make this blog alive again. So, please help out too by tagging! Don't have things to say also can say rubbish, nevermind de. Thanks lots!
I'll end here, if not my story will be neverending..
Bye~ friends
and LOVE YOU, BI! C:

♥baby don't you hit my heart
@ 10:25 PM

Sunday, August 15, 2010, @ 6:23 PM

HALO, Qifang here to post again. Today didn't go to school, still on MC. Sian.. Today got outing sia!!! I WANT GO! I WANT GO! Will be bored to death at home de... Moreover, it's the same group as Bi sia.. It's such a rare opportunity. Now my stomach feel weird weird de, like very bloated. Feel like vomiting..

I'll stop here
Bye, everyone!
Will see your soon! :)

♥baby don't you hit my heart
@ 6:23 PM

Tuesday, August 10, 2010, @ 1:28 AM


Qifang is here posting for her bi for the 1st time! But it will be a quick one because I have nothing to say... I think you readers will be seeing me posting often. :) So *shake hands and hugs*, friends forever~ C:

Today I went down my house to meet bi and ken. Today bi was super busy~ He has make-up lesson today at about 12pm. Hope he was not late for this class.

I think i really have nothing to say le.
Will stop here,
Bye, Everyone!
Nice meeting your C:

Oh wait, bi was super handsome today. HAHAs!


♥baby don't you hit my heart
@ 1:28 AM